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afternoon. it is the worst mass shooting ever at a military base in the united states. military officials believe a major on the base, nidal hasan is the shooter. hasan is not dead as previously reported. >> he is currently in custody. and in stable condition. i say again, the shooter is not dead but in custody and in stable condition. >> there is going to be a lot of focus on maybe people that he spoke to. why some action wasn't taken. i don't don't doubt for a second there will be a lot of red flags floating around about this guy. >> meanwhile we are learning more about the man suspected in the shooting rampage. the mosque his son attended says the army psychiatrist did not seem an an extremist. he knew hasan for more than ten years and he was quiet and ten years and he was act you'vely looking for a wife through a program at the mosque. he says in the program application, there hasan listed himself as palestinian even though he was born right here in the united states. now, hasan does have ties to our area. jody smith is live with more on that and possibly what could have been motive f
last night. look at that, there's not even rain out there in the united states, it's very hard to find, and quiet weather across most of the united states. that is where things are going to stay for us as well. we will have a cold front pushing through our region and not bring any rainshowers, it will bring a change in wind direction. by 5:00, a little cooler with the wind coming through through the northwest, otherwise, dry conditions for today, for tomorrow, high pressure systemmingsystembuilds in, and y is in store for tomorrow. the chance that we could see a 20 to 30% chance for an isolated rainshower, late wednesday night and through the day on thursday, more clouds on thursday than the next couple of days. high pressure system behind the secondary cold front for late thursday toward the weekend. for the day the eastern shore forecast, the high temperature of 63 degrees and the winds out of the northwest at 5-10 miles per hour. a great day to be outside. central maryland 64 degrees, partly sunny skies and the winds will be strong, behind the cold front out of the northwest and ton
confirmed. we have made tremendous strides against breast cancer in the united states, a lost of it which is due to early detection, most of it which comes from mammography and self examination of that is a guidelines from a group that was in centered in washington and did not include oncologist. >> a lot of people are worried. if this is what you're suggesting, does that mean that my insurance will eventually say, hey, we can stop paying for it at the early ages. >> with the mammography, that would be true. if you had the public option, the way the bill is going through congress that task force would set the guidelines for reimbursement. i think women should be justifiably concerned. i think they should contact the secretary of health and human services and ask what is going on? why don't we have, why don't we leave these decisions up to the specialist. >> what would you say to the people who try to defend the new guide lanes saying this is -- guidelines, saying this is an example of the costs that we don't need and driving up healthcare. >> that is decision should be left up made betwee
are enemies of the united states. there's a difference between a devote muslim and a radical and different thing. this is not devote religious conviction. this is radicalism that he was talking about and they knew about this. i think they waited too long. >> if they knew about this, obviously, they don't want things like this to happen. why would they let that investigation go. he is okay. it's part because he was a major in the army. he had to travel up the ranks and he is a good guy. he has done a lot of hard work. >> these particular agencies are not used to doing police type work. they tend to collect and collect and wait a long time. that is part why they didn't act on her information of taking flying lessons. no one acted on it. >> whose responsibility should it have been to know this and act upon it. is it the bel intelligence. >>if the fbi had the information, why not tell the pentagon. shouldn't they be telling the millitary, way, wait a minute, we got a guy in a sensitive position. he is an officer in the united states army who is in contact with this guy. you should be aware of
of the united states. i'm shelby lynn. >>> election day didn't get as much hype as last year, but it could be a gage for ne because we can improve medicare without making seniors pay more. hundreds on car insurance. what you might not know is that you can contact geico to see if you could save on homeowner's and renter's insurance too. for more information call 1-800-947-auto or check the yellow pages for an office near you. [tires screeching] [screech] accidents can happen anytime. that's why geico's here 24 hours a day, every day. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >>> welcome back to fox 45 morning news. 6:30 is the time. i'm patrice harris. >>> we need to get over to meteorologist steve fertig because he has a weather kid had a is ready to go and very smart, too. >>> absolutely this is chris tan halstead, right sph. >> yes. >> and you go to school where? >> maryland school. >>> and you are how old. >> i'm 8. >> and you are going to be doing the weather with me. >> yeah. >> he is ready to go. cool start, one it this morning when -- wasn't it this morning, whe
. the connecting point from mexico to the united states. we wanted something that would connect the two countries together. >> addition to the special sauce that he is working on over there. you have something special about your restaurant recycled material. >> it's 95% recycled material. >> what does that mean. >> all the materials that the restaurant deals with the table and the chairs and the stainless steel and the bar comes from buildings were that torn in baltimore and washington. it's four years of gathering the materials and everything is hand carved. >> it sounds pretty. >> i told him to cook and now i'm in the way for him to cook. what is going on next? >> we have -- we whip first together the tomato and all of the ingredients. >> they're boiling over there. >> we boil it and we have the salt. >> okay. >> layer we mix with the meat, too, right. >> okay. >> we got about a minute. >> yeah, and we got a minute. we put this ingredients all in juice, pineapple, achiote. it's one kind of root from mexico. right. >> you put it all -- >> we put it all and it's cooking. >> very nice. >> this is
for children and families that will be distributed around the united states and the around the globe. >> you have seen in the past years this makes a tremendous difference? >> yes, i saw firsthand. we brought 2,000 shoes at an orphanage. we placed shoes on 13 years old where this is the first pair of shoes that they have worn. soles for souls have given away 5.5 million pairs of shoes. we have seen the impact of gently used shoes can have on the need. we are teaching children to make the world a better place from the feet up. >> and you have challenged the schools. how are they responding so far. >> maryland is the second city to launch it. we have booked 50 schools coast to coast from here in maryland all the way down to los angeles, all competing in the same challenge. we will see which high school can make the biggest difference all the way to the elementary school. >> how many shoes do you think they can bring in. >> i'm putting the challenge to bring in 5,000 shoes if 15 days. >> we can do that here in maryland. >> what do they win. >> we're giving away a nice award. but we don't want p
in the united states. and. >> what does that mean for our lottery. you're good at what you do. how is maryland going to fair once you're gone? >> i have a wonderful team. i have to say that. it's the team. i like to say i'm just the pretty face. >> you are [ laughter ] >> i have this wonderful team that does all of the hard work and is so strong in terms of games and promotions. they do a wonderful job. >> you got your ravens tie on. >> no, i'm not changing allegiance. i'm a ravens fan. i'm going it to stay a ravens fan. i don't hate the redskins. >> neither do i, but we love the ravens. >> so do i. we love the ravens [ laughter ] >> we have to go again. >> we have to go, yes. they're making me wrap. >>> we will hear a tune from a baltimore band as they perform live for us. >>> a lost women on this island are going to go to topless. >> later the cable guy has a new getting something back in this economy? that's hard to find. ♪ earn holiday rewards at giant, every time you use your card. earn one point for every dollar you spend. good for up to 20% off a future shopping trip. redeem your poin
obama called a growing partnership between the united states and india. it was the obama's first day dinner in office. from mrs. obama's dress designed by an indian american to the mostly eventua vegetarian menu. the white house showed respect for their indian guests in every detail. the press conversation was over shadowed by the president obama looming announcement of his plans for the afganistan. he did not give details but he is settled on a plan that will quote, finish the is job in afganistan. he will layout that plan in full detail in a speech to the american people in the coming days. for now the more than 60,000 u.s. troops already in the country will celebrate a thanksgiving away from home this year. helicopters and trucks will bring in holiday food and some marines have live turkeys on standby as a back up. but you can never escape the realities of war. and officers will be warning marines to stay alert and not become complacent, because that is when the enny can strike. that is the latest from washington today. until next week have a happy thanksgiving. from the washingto
they raise money to send equipment to south africa and the united states. >> you will raise money by making great food like this. >> today we're going to make the foreigflor entina. >> traditionally you take rose marie and sugar and they take and rub it on to tuna on the steak. we are going to sear off a nice piece of tuna. >> we don't have a lot of time as indicated. we have time to only sear it, that is right. perfect dish. >> sear it off. what we want to do is plate it up. >> okay. >> this is all good for somebody who is in a hurry and is very hungry and wants to have it right now. >> yes, it is. >> absolutely. >> are you kidding me. you're already almost done. >> what is the key. what is going to give this the most taste on this some. >> the most taste is going to be the rosemary flavor that you're going to have. >> you want to take some the caviar that we have here. we make caviar out of parsly and we marinade it in infused oil. you want to take a little bit of the balsamic reduction that we have here. you want to finish it with the vinaigrette. >> it looks like artwork when you finish
this straight. when asked about his loyalty whether it was to the united states, he said no, it's to the corhahn. whaquran. he tried to communicate with al-qaeda, okay, and also he talked about these extremist views even in his counseling sessions, he did not try to hide it. would you say he is a terrorist? i would absolutely he say he is a terrorist. i don't know why the president would not tell him, the reason they don't want to call him a terrorist, as to the president doesn't want somebody to say that a terrorist act took place under his presidency. >>> this is someone who wanted to reconcile his islamic beliefs and wanted to be a part of the millitary, and counsel soldiers of killing muslims being muslims themselves. is the pressure enough to help him snap. >> reporter: we have pressure, we have issues, but do we go out and try to kill people, and killing 12, injuring 30, trying to assassinate people for no reason at all. we got to stop making these people to be victims. we make choices and better choices, absolutely, this guy is a terrorist. he used this issue and he always let it be know
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11